Friday, May 1, 2015

Immigration Texas has moved and the latest news - GOP primary candidates talking immigration

Immigration Texas has moved to 

In the latest news it's becoming clear that immigration will be a top issue for Republican candidates going into the primary season:

Bush forcefully defends his views on taxes, immigration

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno converse during an event at the Metropolitan University in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Tuesday. (Erika P. Rodriguez/ For The Washington Post)

Cruz: I Am a 'Proponent of Immigration Reform'

Accuses Obama of using issue to "scare the Hispanic community."

Marco Rubio on immigration: Border security comes first

The issue of the detention of women and children has reached the federal courts and a ruling is expected today that may challenge the current policy:

The UK has an election coming up on May 7, and immigration has been a hot topic there, as well, but the main anti-EU/anti-Immigration party looks like it won't do as well as expected:

Looks like Britain’s anti-immigration party will get thumped this election

And I'll end with some background on current immigration issues in Europe: