Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Investing in Mexico

Bill Ong Hing's commentary in the Huffington Post:, Control the Border, Invest in Mexico, echoes many of the ideas that have surfaced since the publication of Doug Massey's latest research on the decline in flows from Mexico to the U.S., as reported in the New York Times.  The EU's investment in Eastern Europe after the end of the cold war is an apt comparison, although he overlooks the fact that there was a great deal of internal migration after unification with Eastern Europe, particularly from Poland.  Jorge Perez's blog which is in my previous post, also points out the importance of Mexico and it's emigrants in all of this.  Mexico's economy is dependent on remittances to a certain extent.  This should be the begining of a larger discussion that does not forget the agency of the Mexican government and Mexican immigrants, along with government and the business sector in the U.S. that are already investing in Mexico.  These aren't new ideas, but the focus of the media has certainly been on action in the U.S. (particularly what is going on in the states) vs. what is happening in Mexico and with the broader issues that lead to migration flows.

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