Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Senate Immigration Plan unveiled - Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[with a big h/t to Dan Kowalski]

Despite the bombing attack in Boston, the Senate "Gang of Eight" forged ahead with the unveiling of their immigration proposal, but as noted in an article from the Hill "a press event set up with activists, business leaders and other stakeholders will be postponed."

Details were already being criticized by a variety of groups.  The following articles provide overviews of the plan:

From The Hill:  Senate Gang of Eight Reveals Details of Immigration Plan

From Reuters: Senators Unveil Immigration Reform Bill

Key Provisions from the Washington Post:

Not sure of the source, but this document provides an outline of the bill:

Faith based and civil liberties groups are already calling the path to citizenship too stringent:

While civil libertarians were focusing on E-Verify expansion in the Washington Post: Inside the Immigration Bill:  E-Verify Expansion Draws Fire from Civil Libertarians

While the National Journal notes: Deportees Can Come Back under Draft Immigration Bill

The bill also calls for a special path for DREAMers:

Representative Steve King (R-Iowa)  called for immigration reform to be put on hold in light of the Boston bombing:

More to come!

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