Friday, January 6, 2012

New think tanks focus on immigration reform

As I have noted in previous blog posts, particularly after the Tribune Festival in September, most of the business and political leaders in Texas who spoke at the event feel that there should be some type of comprehensive immigration reform. Several new think tanks/advocacy organizations have now come on the scene to push for immigration reform, particularly in the area of skilled migration, including the Parternership for New American Economy and the National Foundation for American Policy. It is clear from their websites that part of the goal of these organizations is to help change the discourses around immigration, and shift the focus to the positive impacts of immigration on the economy. Key targets include Republican voters and policy makers. Mitt Romney's take on immigration (see previous blog posts) seems to fit in with these approaches, particularly since he focuses on skilled migration. There also seems to be a renewed awareness of the negative impact of the current rhetoric on immigration with potential voters.

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