Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Crisis in Europe

As Greek protesters fill the streets to say "no" to the fiscal reforms being demanded by the European Union, others focus on the impact of the current crisis to an entire generation across Europe as described in the article from Der Spiegel International:,1518,769831-4,00.html  Many young Europeans are trying to move within Europe to find jobs, while others are looking to Latin America, as described in this article:

A generation that is well-educated but un- or under-employed is finding it difficult to support a European Union that feels distant, bureaucratic and even "kafka-esque" as noted in the article from Der Spiegel.  Although these issues may seem distant from U.S. concerns, in many ways similar themes are being echoed in the discontent many feel with current U.S. policy, the inability of Republicans and Democrats to come to agreement on budget issues, the backlash against federal inaction on immigration policy, etc...this is all beside the fact that any meltdown in Europe will drag the U.S. into another downward economic spiral.  The current situation need to be watched carefully on both sides of the Atlantic.

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