Thursday, June 2, 2011

Interesting developments at the state level

I'll start today with an interesting editorial in the Christian Science Monitor, by Daniel Altschuler:  'Silent raids' and E-Verify immigration enforcement are destroying US farms

He emphasizes the impact of the recent Supreme Court decision on Arizona's law sanctioning employers who hire illegal aliens (NYT article) and it's impact on farm workers, i.e, the human cost of employer sanctions.

However, it is clear that states are ready to step in where the federal government has failed to take action - although some argue that e-verify can't be trusted (LA Times).  Texas' legislature has gone into special session, and many of the bills that failed to make it through the regular session will be revived and the deployment of National Guard troops is being extended by three months along the Texas border.  Utah has passed controversial legislation, and many more states are in the process of considering legislation including an Arizona (SB1070) style immigration bill in Louisiana.

The Supreme Court ruling ensures that much of the action on immigration policy will continue to be at the state level, the question is what's next for Congress?  Its still seems unlikely that any major measures will be considered before 2012...

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