Monday, March 12, 2012

The human impacts of immigration policy

Recent stories related to immigration policy have focused on individual stories in places like California, Texas and Alabama, where approaches have varied.  This editorial from the New York Times indicates that there is a disconnect between what voters want and their legislators are offering -- will these issue come up in this year's elections, or serve to motivate those who support the state-level crackdowns?

Alabama's immigration law is creating a lot of red-tape and in one case put a school play on hold:
Civil rights leaders also participated in a Selma to Montgomery to protest Alabama's immigration law:

In Houston, an immigration judge allowed an immigrant to stay in the U.S. because of his same-sex marriage:

In California, undocumented students started a 3000 mile march to DC in support of the DREAM Act:

An interesting story from USA Today on using personalization and social media to avoid deportation:


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  2. While immigration to the United States is well documented, so is emigration from the United States.