Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update on challenges to Alabama and Georgia immigration laws

As reported on NPR today, the Atlanta federal appeals court put off action on lawsuits challenging the Alabama and Georgia immigration laws.  The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Arizona's similar law in April and a ruling is expected by the end of the summer.

As noted in today's earlier post, many states have considered or are in the process of considering laws similar to those passed in Arizona, Alabama and Georgia.  However, it is not only laws targeting undocumented immigrants for status checks that are challenging federal power in this area -- Utah also is in the process of implementing a guest worker law, and Kansas is considering doing something similar.

These state measures are an indication of the level of frustration in the country regarding the lack of action by Congress.  Not only the general public, but many organizations, businesses and unions want to see legislation, and are supporting, or in some cases actively opposing action at the state level, hoping to spur action at the federal level.

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  1. People says that the immigration must not reform somenof its laws but think of it , that might be more helpful once it was approved.