Sunday, March 18, 2012

US Immigration Updates

The Austin American Statesman is running a series on an in-depth analysis of deportations from local jails. UT Immigration law specialist Denise Gilman is also mentioned in the story (she will be speaking to my comparative immigration politics course on Friday, March 23).

ICE has opened a new "kindler, gentler" detention center in Texas for men awaiting deportation proceedings:,0,7461999.story "It is part of an effort by the Obama administration to improve conditions for some of the 33,000 people now in detention as their immigration cases are reviewed." The New York Times also wrote an editorial about the new detention center:

Mississippi is the latest state to pass an "Arizona-style" immigration law: "The Mississippi bill includes measures like requiring police to check the immigration status of people who are arrested. It would also prohibit any "business transactions," including renewing a driver's license and getting a business license."

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  1. Great post but am surprised wuth the number you mentioned 33000